Logo Judging

There are 14 entries total.  One does not comply with the rules (Entry 7) and one is a young child’s drawing (Entry 12).  Others are just plain bad.  However, just so that we can all saw that we carefully reviewed ALL ENTRIES, I am providing a link to pages containing them all.  Some are fairly small files and so there are 2 to a page.  But mostly it is one entry per page.

Each Entry is labeled with a number so that you can identify to me the one(s) that you really like.  These are in no particular order but I tried to list the better ones first.

Once you have viewed all of them, please select your top two entries.  I will then compile the results.  If there is no clear winner, I will email the top 2 and we will select from them for the winner.

There may be a better way of doing this but I am a lawyer, not a contest organizer…

Click the Below Links to view the Logo Entries.

Entries 4 and 5

Entries 6 and 7

Entry 10

Entry 11

Entry 13

Entries 8 and 9

Entry 14

Entries 1 and 2

Entry 3

Entry 12