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Uncontested Henry County Divorce

A Henry County Uncontested Divorce is the fastest, least stressful and most inexpensive way to obtain a divorce.  You simply will not find a better way to get a Henry County divorce.

We represent and assist clients needing a Henry County uncontested divorce both in cases with and without minor children.  If you need Henry County divorce information, just call (770) 794-3220 for a free telephone consultation. To better assist you, we recommend that you first complete our Client Inquiry Form.  You will speak to an experienced Georgia divorce attorney who focuses on uncontested divorce matters,  With the attorney you can assess your situation and get some ideas to help you with your situation.  The divorce attorney will explain the divorce process for you and answer your specific questions.

How much does an Uncontested Henry County Divorce cost?

We only handle divorce matters in Henry County that are uncontested and we always charge a flat fee.  Typically, our fee for a divorce in Henry County is $695 when the case does not involve minor children. If you and your spouse have minor children then $1,275 is the typical cost. However, our flat fee can vary slightly depending on the complexity of the issues in the divorce.

We make every legal effort to avoid a final hearing but that decision is ultimately up to the judge to whom your case is assigned.  Our fee does not include the court costs which are $275.

We also handle uncontested military divorce cases in Henry County.

We offer a discount for all active first-responders.

How Long Will the Divorce Take?

We start the divorce with a detailed telephone conference with our client.  During the telephone meeting we review your entire case and discuss all of the issues so that we can prepare a Settlement Agreement for you and your spouse to review.  Once the two of you are satisfied with the Agreement, we quickly custom-prepare all your divorce documents and get them to you for signing with detailed instructions.

Once you and your spouse have fully signed all of the documents for your case in the presence of a notary and returned the original documents to us, we then file the case for you in Henry County and coordinate with the Judge to get your divorce granted quickly and without a court hearing.

We e-file all the uncontested divorce documents at no additional cost to you.  The e-filing expense are included in the court costs of $275.  E-filing helps move your uncontested divorce case through the Henry County court system much more quickly.

You can be divorced just over 31 days from the date that your no-fault divorce is actually filed in the Superior Court of Henry County in McDonough.  The actual time can vary from case to case and depends on how quickly the judge complete the case after it has been filed.

Uncontested Henry County Divorce Information:

At lease one of you must reside in Henry County at the time the divorce is filed and must have lived in Georgia for at least six consecutive months.  To find out if you and your case qualify for our fast and easy uncontested divorce in Henry County, we recommend that you first complete our Client Inquiry Form.

An experienced Georgia divorce attorney will review your case and respond to you by secure email with full information and a quote for a flat fee uncontested divorce in Henry County if you qualify.

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