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Two Divorce Lawyers or One Divorce Lawyer?

Do We Both Have to Have an Attorney for a Divorce?

The answer is, it depends.  For a contested divorce, each party should have their own experienced and independent lawyer. But, in an uncontested divorce, it can be different.

Can We Both Use the Same Attorney in a Georgia Uncontested Divorce?

If you and your spouse agree on all or most of the issues in your divorce and have decided to use an uncontested process, this is a common question.

One attorney can handle the divorce.  But you both need to understand the relationship that the attorney has with you and your spouse.  You must also know that, technically, a Georgia uncontested divorce lawyer can only ethically represent one of you even in an uncontested divorce case.  The lawyer will only be able to advise one party confidentially and fully – and that person will be the attorney’s client. You and your spouse must know who the attorney is representing.

Affordable Georgia Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

We only represent one party in the uncontested divorces that we handle and we make this crystal clear – even if both parties meet with us together to discuss the divorce.  But, we frequently help the parties resolve their disputes and suggest possible compromises based on our vast experience in Georgia divorce cases.

In over 90 percent of the uncontested divorce matters that we handle, the couples use only one attorney to save money in the divorce process.  We actually represent only the Plaintiff (the party that is officially asking the Court for the divorce) and the other party does not have an attorney.  But, we make it clear to everyone which party we represent and that the unrepresented party has an absolute right to confer with or even retain his/her own lawyer.

Will the uncontested divorce process work for me?  It probably will.  In a small number of cases, it turns out that the parties simply cannot agree on everything and, although both parties want to have an amicable, uncontested divorce, it simply does not work out due to some disagreement.  Then the case must be handled as a contested divorce instead.  While certainly possible, it is usually hard to resolve disputes in a contested divorce if only one party has a lawyer representing them.  So, in any contested divorce it is always best for each party to have his/her own attorney.

Is My Divorce Uncontested?

Many people think that they have an “uncontested divorce” simply because they both agree that they should be divorced from their spouse.  But, for the matter to be truly uncontested, both parties must also be able to agree on all the issues and sign a comprehensive Settlement Agreement and other essential divorce documents.  As a Georgia uncontested divorce lawyer, we prepare all of the necessary documents and help our clients through this inexpensive and easy process (compared to a contested divorce).

It is important for you to understand that if you have been officially served with a divorce, you are in a contested divorce and should consult with an attorney as soon as possible.  Never sign any document that is not part of a fully uncontested divorce process.

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