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Georgia Uncontested Divorce COVID-19 Procedures

COVID-19 Procedure Changes

COVID-19 Procedures

Due to the State of Georgia’s emergency orders for COVID-19 we have temporarily restricted our operations.  We are working from home some of the time but also are in the actual office but social distancing for a few hours each day.  But, we are still able to start and process uncontested divorce matters.  Temporarily, we have suspended operations at out office in Marietta but are processing all Georgia uncontested matters from out Georgia Coastal office in Saint Marys.

Because we are very strong technologically and because we use mostly paperless processes, the impact is not as great as it would be for a traditional law firm.

Our clients NEVER have to come to our office and NEVER have to go to Court to complete the divorce.  We handle the case by telephone and online.

However, Georgia law requires that we have actual paper documents that both parties have signed in the presence of a notary public before we can file a divorce case with the Court.

Naturally, that means that our clients must send those physical/original/paper documents to us for review and filing.  Even with our restricted operations, that is not a problem.  So, please do NOT send any documents to our office without first checking for full instructions on what to do.  In some situations, we will coordinate that with you by email.

Many of the Courts in Georgia have temporarily and drastically changed their procedures and the result is that, in most cases, it takes considerably longer to complete any court case  — including an uncontested divorce.  At times like these it is even more important to have an experienced attorney to represent you with the Court and handle your case as efficiently as possible under these unusual circumstances.

Stay safe!