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Cost of Uncontested Georgia Divorce

Cost of an Uncontested Georgia Divorce: Affordable and Hassle-Free


Let’s face it: Divorce can be an expensive process. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With our streamlined approach, you can achieve a divorce faster than you might expect, and at a lower cost than you thought possible. Entrust your case to an experienced Georgia divorce attorney who will handle everything for you, ensuring a quality, yet affordable, uncontested divorce.

How Much Does an Uncontested Georgia Divorce Cost?

When it comes to uncontested divorces in Georgia, two questions are frequently asked by our clients: How much does it cost, and how long will it take?

Our typical fee for an uncontested Georgia divorce without minor children is $595. However, this fee may vary slightly depending on the county. For instance, in Camden County and some smaller counties, our fee is as low as $495 for cases without minor children. On the other hand, in larger counties, such as Fulton or Chatham County, where the process is more demanding, the fee is $695 for cases without minor children.  For uncontested divorces with minor children in Georgia, our fee typically ranges from $895 to $1,225. In Camden County, the fee for such cases is just $895. Please note that in Metro Atlanta counties, the paperwork process is more rigorous. In these cases, our fee for an uncontested divorce with minor children is naturally higher because more work is involved in the case.

It’s important to mention that our fees do not include filing fees or other court costs, such as e-filing expenses. Typically, court costs amount to $275.

Comparing Our Uncontested Georgia Divorce Cost:

You might wonder how our fees compare to other options for uncontested divorces in Georgia. If you choose to represent yourself in court, the cost can be as low as around $250, including court fees. However, some attorneys charge their clients over $5,000 for the same service. By utilizing our process, you can significantly reduce the cost of your uncontested divorce.

It’s crucial to start with the intention of an uncontested divorce from the beginning. If you begin with a contested case and later settle for an uncontested divorce, the cost will be much higher, similar to that of a contested divorce. Therefore, conducting thorough research and selecting the right attorney for your uncontested divorce in Georgia is crucial. Even if you choose to represent yourself, the court costs alone will exceed $250 due to filing fees, service fees, and other court expenses. So why not have an experienced Georgia divorce attorney handle your divorce for you?

The Process for an Uncontested Georgia Divorce:

To have an uncontested Georgia divorce, both you and your spouse must agree on all essential matters before filing for divorce. This agreement entails signing a marital Settlement Agreement and other necessary documents for an uncontested divorce. With our process, there is no need for the Sheriff to “serve” your spouse, which adds to the cost and hassle of a divorce. Instead, your spouse simply acknowledges receipt of the uncontested divorce paperwork we prepare for you.

It’s important to note that if you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms outlined in a Settlement Agreement, you do not have an uncontested divorce. Even seemingly simple divorce cases can become prolonged and expensive if emotions or other factors hinder an agreement.

Affordable Georgia Divorce:

At our firm, we strive to provide an inexpensive, fast, high-quality, and dignified uncontested divorce for each client. Luckily, the overwhelming majority of our cases achieve this goal. Naturally, it requires both parties to share the objective of a cost-effective divorce, rather than spending excessive money on the process. We believe that both parties usually simply want a fair and affordable uncontested divorce. This approach significantly reduces the overall cost.

We have designed our process to deliver an affordable uncontested divorce for our clients. We offer a low, flat fee for our representation in uncontested divorces. Before commencing work on your case, we provide you with a written, flat fee quote, ensuring transparency and eliminating any hidden fees or costs. While our fees do not cover court costs, we inform you in advance of the exact court costs for your divorce case, which currently amount to $275.

Inexpensive Georgia Divorce:

We serve clients seeking uncontested divorces in over 40 Georgia counties. Our fees vary slightly based on the county and whether you and your spouse have minor children. In cases involving minor children, our fee includes preparing a Parenting Plan and a Child Support Worksheet, as required by Georgia law.

E-Filing the Divorce:

Under Georgia law, we are required to e-file all uncontested divorce documents on behalf of our clients. E-filing not only saves time but also expedites the processing of your uncontested divorce within the court system. Consequently, you can obtain your affordable divorce more quickly and efficiently.

Court Costs for Georgia Uncontested Divorce Matters:

Court costs constitute a significant portion of the overall expense in an uncontested Georgia divorce. Our flat fee does not include these costs, which cover filing fees and other expenses associated with processing your case through the Clerk’s office. Court costs vary from county to county, but the average for an uncontested Georgia divorce is $275.  This amount encompasses filing fees, e-filing fees, postage, copies, service fees, and other related expenses.

Overall, e-filing has increased court costs by approximately $30. As our fees are already low, we cannot absorb this cost increase on behalf of all of our clients. But, we are doing our part to keep the costs reasonable. In cases where the court costs exceed $275, we cover the additional expenses out of our own pocket. Our commitment remains focused on providing the best value for uncontested divorces in the State of Georgia.

Total Divorce Cost:

The total cost of an uncontested Georgia divorce may vary from the typical cost if your case involves unusual circumstances. However, by utilizing our uncontested divorce process, the average total cost for a divorce without minor children is usually $870 ($595 for our fee and $275 for court costs). For uncontested divorces involving minor children in Georgia, the typical total cost is $1,270 ($995 for our fee and $275 for court costs).

In some counties, such as Camden, where our fee is just $495 for a divorce without minor children, the total cost is only $770 ($495 plus $275 for court costs). If minor children are involved in a Camden County uncontested divorce, our fee is only $895 plus the court costs for a total of $1,170.  We also handle uncontested divorce matters in several counties in South Georgia at a rate lower than most other counties.

Cost of a Military Uncontested Divorce in Georgia:

A Georgia military uncontested divorce pertains to active duty or retired military service members and their spouses. Although the basic process is the same as for a civilian uncontested divorce in Georgia, we can tailor it to accommodate cases where you or your spouse are overseas or deployed. We address the unique issues surrounding military divorces without compromising the quality of the outcome or adding unnecessary costs. Therefore, the cost of an uncontested Georgia military divorce matches that of a civilian uncontested divorce.

Start Your Affordable Georgia Divorce:

Our objective is not only to provide an inexpensive Georgia divorce but also to reduce the stress associated with the process. An uncontested divorce is more affordable, quicker, and less stressful compared to going to court and having a judge decide the divorce issues.

We can assist you in finalizing negotiations with your spouse and ensuring that the terms of your divorce settlement agreement are fair and reasonable. To begin the process, you can fill out our Client Inquiry Form online. This allows us to keep the cost of your uncontested divorce as low as possible. Subsequently, we will provide you with a firm, flat fee quote for the cost of your Georgia uncontested divorce.  You simply will not find a better value for an uncontested divorce in Georgia.