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Uncontested Camden County Divorce Process

Uncontested Divorce Process in Camden County An uncontested Camden County divorce is an easy, inexpensive and quick divorce.  It is an easy process.  Camden County is in the Brunswick Judicial Circuit along with Appling, Glynn, Jeff Davis and Wayne Counties.  These counties all use the same judges so the process described in this article applies…

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Child Support Calculation

Child Support Calculation in a Georgia Uncontested Divorce: Without question, the single most disputed issue in uncontested divorce cases that involve children is the Child Support calculation.  But, although circumstances that affect the child support amount vary from case-to-case, the actual Child Support calculation in an uncontested divorce in Georgia is fairly straightforward — if…

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Easy Georgia Divorce

Easy Georgia Divorce Everyone considering a divorce wants it to be an easy process. Using our services, there is typically no court appearance by anyone and no one even has to come to our office.  We can get you an easy divorce.  And, it could cost you below $500 (plus court costs).  Our typical flat…

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Uncontested Cobb County Divorce Process

Uncontested Divorce Process in Cobb County An uncontested Cobb County divorce is an easy, inexpensive and quick divorce. We have handled divorce matters in Cobb County for well over twenty years.  Initially, we focused on contested divorces.  A lawyer can make a lot of money (and have a lot of stress) in contested divorces in…

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Quick Georgia Divorce

You want a quick Georgia divorce.  Once you have made the decision to divorce, naturally you want the divorce to be completed: in the least amount of time possible, for the lowest cost possible; and with as little stress as possible.  An uncontested Georgia divorce is the best way to achieve your goals.  We have…

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Uncontested Divorce in 2023

An Uncontested Divorce Can be a Benefit in a Recession An economic down-turn may be a nationwide condition or it could be a financial condition in a single family.  If one of you has lost a job and is having difficulty getting new employment, even if the American economy is booming, it is a major…

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Cost of an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia

Let’s face it: A divorce can be expensive.  But, it does not have to be.  Using our process, you can be divorced in less time that you might imagine and at a lower cost than what you thought possible.  And, you can have an experienced Georgia divorce attorney handle it all for you so that…

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Ten Tips for a Successful Uncontested Divorce

Ten Tips for a Successful Uncontested Divorce in Georgia Compared to contested divorces, an uncontested divorce in Georgia is easy, quick and inexpensive.  An “uncontested” divorce (sometimes called a no-contest divorce) is where both parties agree on all issues involved in the divorce, including property division, allocation of debt, child custody, visitation, child support and…

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Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce

We all know that the cost of everything is skyrocketing, right? Well, actually, no that is not right!  We have maintained (and even reduced) the cost of a flat fee uncontested divorce in Georgia. Recently we reduced our flat fee for an uncontested divorce in many counties if no children are involved — including Metro…

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E-Filing Georgia Divorces

E-Filing Georgia Divorces E-filing of Georgia divorces is now the standard way of handling the actual filing of divorce cases in Georgia. We e-file all Georgia divorce cases . E-filing is mandatory for lawyers who file Georgia divorce matters.  So says the State of Georgia. Since it first became available in Georgia, our firm has…

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Uncontested Divorce

The cost of divorce in Georgia does not have to be expensive. We strive to provide every client with a fast, affordable Georgia uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, for example, the parties have agreed in advance how to divide marital property, allocate debts, arrange for custody of minor children, and set child and spousal support. To schedule your personal consultation with divorce attorney Robert L. Jones, contact us online.

Military Divorces

Uncontested divorce can be a great fit for military families who have limited time and financial resources and need to get the process completed inexpensively, correctly and quickly. With the increased schedule demands on military families it can seem almost impossible. Attorney Robert Jones helps military families work through the special legal and financial issues to resolve their divorce as efficiently and affordably as possible. Mr. Jones has over twenty years experience representing clients in Georgia divorces and he served on active duty for 8 years himself.

Fast, Inexpensive Uncontested Divorce

At the Law Office of Robert L. Jones, we combine thorough and comprehensive divorce and family law legal services with efficiency, speed, and low costs. Contact a lawyer or call (770) 794-3220 or (912) 215-7677 today. We practice in most of the Metro Atlanta counties as well as many other Georgia counties beyond the Metro Atlanta area.