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Ten Tips for a Successful Uncontested Divorce

By Robert Jones | Jun 5, 2017

Ten Tips for a Successful Uncontested Divorce in Georgia Compared to contested divorces, uncontested divorce in Georgia is quick and inexpensive.  An “uncontested” divorce (sometimes called a no-contest divorce) is where both parties agree on all issues involved in the divorce, including property division, allocation of debt, child custody, visitation, child support and alimony.  The…

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Uncontested Divorce Representation

By Robert Jones | Jun 1, 2017

Uncontested Divorce Representation in Court   Our services for an uncontested divorce in Georgia for a low, flat fee include representing you with the clerk and with the court. Typically, you will not have to appear in “divorce court” at all but, if you do, we will appear in court with you for one hearing …

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All About Publication Divorce: Why? How? How Long? How Much?

By Robert Jones | May 31, 2017

  Several times each month we receive an inquiry from a potential client who wants a divorce but has lost track of his/her spouse but still wants to get a divorce. Below is what we usually tell them about their situation. What Is a Publication Divorce? An “ordinary” uncontested divorce requires that both parties sign…

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Telling the Kids About the Upcoming Divorce: When; Where; How; and Why.

By Robert Jones | Feb 19, 2017

Hopefully, your divorce will be uncontested. But, even if it is not, keep the children uppermost in your mind — but out of the process as much as possible. Telling the kids about the upcoming divorce is a tough situation — for both you (and your spouse) and your children.  All situations are unique and…

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Will an Uncontested Divorce Work For Me?

By Georgia Uncontested Divorce | Jan 24, 2017

What is an Uncontested Divorce? Just like in a contested divorce, you may have a relatively simple divorce with few issues.  Or, you may have multiple property or debt issues that makes your case more complex.  For any divorce to be uncontested, you and your spouse must agree on all essential issues in advance of…

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