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Georgia Divorce Venue

Venue for Uncontested Divorce

Venue for Uncontested Divorce in Georgia: “Venue” refers to the proper county within the State of Georgia to hear a particular case. Generally speaking, under the Georgia Constitution, the defendant is entitled to be sued in the county of his or her residence. However, there is an exception for divorces. A divorce may be filed in…

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Cost of an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia

Cost of an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia and Inexpensive Georgia Divorce

What is the Cost of an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia? Everything considered, the cost of an uncontested divorce in Georgia may be as little as about $300 to over $3,000.  But, using our process, we charge much less than that.  Of course, that assumes that you start with the idea that your case is going…

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Uncontested Divorce Process — Briefly

Our Uncontested Divorce Process: This is a general description of the steps for starting, filing and completing an uncontested divorce in the Georgia counties in which we offer full service representation for uncontested matters.  Of course, we vary the process a bit as necessary from case to case to fit the individual needs of our…

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